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2011-2012 Season

Welcome to Club Pages Central for the Ohio Swimming community!

Swim Connection collects meet results for Ohio Swimming and provides a wealth of information to the Ohio Swimming competitive swimming community.

SwimConnection partners with Ohio Swimming to provide a full IT (Information Technology) infrastructure that benefits our community of swimmers, coaches, parents, and officials. SwimConnection takes care of the data so everyone at Ohio Swimming can focus on giving our swimmers all the attention they need. And we keep evolving the system according to Ohio Swimming specific needs! Email us your feedback.

To get started and access Ohio Swimming data, simply select the links on the navigation bars above. Also, please note that registering as a member will give you access to many more services. This includes accessing information at the team level, being notified whenever new meet results are posted, receiving performance analysis reports whenever your swimmers participate to a meet, and much more! Membership has its privileges and it is FREE! Register now!

Clicking on the "Ohio Swimming" picture on the top right corner of each page will take you to the Ohio Swimming official website.

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