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A Great Fundraising Tool

  We've made it easy for your swim team to enjoy the benefits of having team sponsors. On every team's individual Team Home Page at Club Pages Central (for example the LAMV team home page, a specific area is set aside to display team sponsors ads. Ad sizes are 120 x 60 pixels.

How does the program work?

  Teams begin the process by finding sponsors. Sponsors can be local merchants, employers, friends and family. Think local stores, real estate agents, restaurants, swimmer parents, you name it. If the sponsor already has a web site, the ad can be hyper linked directly to the site. These sponsors pay for sponsor ads that run on the Team Home page, and the team shares in the revenue generated by these ads.

Everyone benefits!

  Many businesses will jump at the chance to sponsor their local sports teams because it builds goodwill. Think of all those companies that proudly display pictures of the local teams they support. The process is similar to selling ads for a swim meet program, except that these sponsor ads are far superior because they run 24/7 and are highly targeted to the local area. The sponsoring businesses get an excellent "bang for the buck!" The swim team benefits because 50% of all sponsor ad revenue received by Swim Connection is returned to the swim team being sponsored. Unlike ads sold for a swim meet program, these sponsor ads run continuously instead of just once, so they do not need to be sold repeatedly year after year. Please contact us for advertising costs.

To get started

  Begin the process by finding interested sponsors, then email us at: supportPC@swimconnection.com